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Wanting to do it better

Gradually I’ve been getting back into writing again, producing more poems, thanks to the April Poem a Day online group set up by Simon Williams, and working on a new rewrite of my much-worked novel. I’m altering the time sequence, changing … Continue reading

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Playing Alice by Jenny Hamlett

Jenny Hamlett is the third Devon poet who is launching her collection at the beginning of May. Playing Alice (published by Indigo Dreams) is her second full collection. Her first collection, Talisman, was also published by Indigo Dreams, and as well as these two … Continue reading

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All the Time in the World by Rebecca Gethin

  Rebecca Gethin is another of the trio of Devon poets who will be launching their collections at the beginning of May. She is the author of two acclaimed collections of poetry, River is the Plural of Rain (Oversteps Books) and A Handful … Continue reading

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Open After Dark by Sue Proffitt

  As I’ve said before, I’m fortunate enough to belong to a group of extraordinarily accomplished novelists and prose writers who first met on the MA at Bath Spa University. I’m also very fortunate that down here in Devon there … Continue reading

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Did you say writing?

This is my 90th post. It’s a venerable number, but if you remember that the blog has been going for nearly five years it’s really not that many – an average of 18 posts a year, or one and a … Continue reading

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Hello again from Adelina

Hello everybody It’s been a long time since I’ve written on this Blogg, but in the mean-time I’ve been busy writing a Forward and an Afterward for the Book that the Belated Writer is making out of Pieces of this … Continue reading

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Little me

Oh dear. For what was the United Kingdom, it seems the worst has happened. Not only have we voted ourselves out of the EU, but some of the people who voted Leave are already wishing we hadn’t. And Johnson and … Continue reading

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