Hello again from Adelina


Hello everybody

It’s been a long time since I’ve written on this Blogg, but in the mean-time I’ve been busy writing a Forward and an Afterward for the Book that the Belated Writer is making out of Pieces of this Blogg, including all the Pieces I’ve written. Yes, I’m going to be a Published Author in a real Book. Isn’t that Exciting? Except of course that it’s not quite a real Book as the Belated Writer is Publishing it herself, which means it hasn’t had to be Accepted by a Publisher. It’s nice for the Belated Writer as she hasn’t had any of those painful Rejections, but on the other hand if you’re Published by a real Publisher then People know it really is a real Book, so you will probably sell more Copies and get more Royalty.

I think the Belated Writer has already told you that her Poetry Collection is going to be published by a real Publisher, which is very Exciting too. She doesn’t yet know when, but it won’t be for quite a long time as the Publisher has got lots of other Books to Publish first. I was very disappointed to hear that the Collection won’t be Published in a proper Album. My Husband, who as you know writes such beautiful Poetry, used to collect Stamps. He kept them in a lovely Album, but perhaps it’s harder to do that with Poems as they are usually bigger than Stamps. It is a pity that my dear Husband hasn’t written more Poems, otherwise he could have a Collection Published too, with or without an Album.

I’m sure the Publisher will make the Book look as nice as possible so that People will want to buy it. There are 58 poems in it and they are on several different Subjects. Some of them are about sad things like People dying and Unrequited Love but there are some funnier ones too, so reading the Book shouldn’t be too painful. One Poem is about eating Bacon backwards on account of being Jewish, or something like that. There is a Contents list at the beginning so that you can choose which ones you want to read, but I have to say the Titles don’t always tell you very much about the Poems.

I do hope you will buy both the Belated Writer’s Books. She will put the Details on the Blogg as soon as she has them. She is Publishing the Blogg Book on the Amazon, but if you order a Copy I don’t think it will take too long to arrive.

With love from

Adelina A Vark (Authoress) xx





About thebelatedwriter

I'm a baby boomer who has always wanted and tried to write. It was only when I did an MA in Creative Writing in 2010-11 that I dared to take my writing more seriously. I write both poetry and prose and have had a number of poems published. This blog is for my writing friends, my non-writing friends, and anyone else who may be interested in these ruminations.
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