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Hello everybody

I’ve just retired from being a Profile Picture on Face Book but I thought it would be nice to come out again into the Public Domain just for a little while. I’m not sure where the Public Domain actually is, but I expect that like everything else on the Inter-net you can look up its Domain Name and find out. I haven’t got a Domain Name or a Web Site, but still I do like being able to have my say sometimes on this Blogg. It’s a great honour to be able to talk to so many people.

As you may know, the Belated Writer has been writing lots of Poems and getting some of them Published, which is quite exciting. It’s a pity, though, that a lot of the poems are about such strange Subjects, when she could write proper Poetry if only she would try a bit harder. The things she has written about include Chocolate and Woodlice, for instance (not chocolate woodlice, I’m glad to say), a Piano that killed somebody (I didn’t like that one), a Photocopier, and Serbian Bean Soup. Not very Poetic, are they? I keep telling her she ought to write about proper Poetic things like Love and so on.

In fact she has written quite a few Poems about Unrequited Love as unfortunately she had rather a nasty outbreak of it earlier this year and has taken a long time to Recover – which is why she has to keep writing Poems about it. A few of those Poems have now been Published or are going to be Published, but you might not want to read them as some of them are not very happy  – though I think others are supposed to be funny. I don’t really understand about Unrequited Love myself as I have been Happily Married for a long time, but I know it is something Poets suffer from and write lots of Poetry about.

I would have thought the Belated Writer could come up with some other Poetic Subjects apart from Unrequited Love, wouldn’t you? I suggested she should write about the Meaning of Life but she thought that would be too hard, especially on account of being a Budd-ist. I also thought perhaps she could write some interesting Poems about being a Spycho-therapist, but she said that would be impossible because of having to be Confidential, which means you mustn’t tell anybody about anything. I said last time I wrote on this Blogg that Being Miserable was a proper Subject for Poetry because a lot of Poets seem to have written about it, but I’m afraid I don’t really like reading miserable Poems. I don’t suppose you do either. I think Poets also write about being happy, and plants and flowers and trees and so on, so perhaps I can encourage her to write a few more Poems like that. Nature is a good Subject. I believe there was a very famous Poet called Wandsworth who wrote lots of Poems about Nature and Daffodils.

I’m sorry to say that my dear Husband, who writes such wonderful Poetry, hasn’t written anything for a long time now. He doesn’t feel Inspired very often, but when he does he writes such beautiful Poems that they put the Belated Writer to shame. I put one on this Blogg a little while ago and I’m sure it was a great inspiration to everyone. It was called To Adelina, which is a wonderful Title. Here is another one called Wedded Bliss, which he wrote when we were still living in London. I was so proud of him. The Aster-risks are there because the Belated Writer doesn’t want people to know her real Name, which is Confidential (though that isn’t her Name).

Wedded Bliss

We have now been married, dear,
Very much more than a year,
Living beside the bedside here
In * *’s cosy Room.

Such happiness, Adelina mine,
Light of my life, O my sunshine,
Nothing could ever undermine
Or cast down into gloom.

It’s been a pleasure unalloyed,
Every hour an hour enjoyed,
Never at any time devoid
Of you, dear, without whom

My life would be a lonely thing,
A garden where birds never sing.
But thanks to the great joy you bring
My pleasures all are keen.

We’ve never had an unkind word,
No quarrelling has * * heard,
No discord have we ever stirred
Or malice ever seen.

Let’s hope for many good years more
And cherish what life has in store
Together, as we have before
Here in Golders Green.

There! Isn’t that beautiful? I wish the Belated Writer would write Poetry like that as I’m sure everybody would want to Publish it. It Rhymes and Scans properly and it says a lot of Very Profound Things, as you can see. I will try to persuade my Husband to write another Poem as I know you would all love to see it.

I had better stop now as it’s getting dark and the Belated Writer needs the Computer back. (In case you’re wondering how I type, I have a very agile Nose.) It’s been lovely talking to you all, as always, and I do hope you will take your Poetry seriously and write lots of proper Poems about proper Subjects.

With love from

Adelina xx








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I'm a baby boomer who has always wanted and tried to write. It was only when I did an MA in Creative Writing in 2010-11 that I dared to take my writing more seriously. I write both poetry and prose and have had a number of poems published. This blog is for my writing friends, my non-writing friends, and anyone else who may be interested in these ruminations.
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