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Hello everybody

I’m very glad that I’m being allowed to write another piece of Blogg. (I still haven’t found out which Mr Bloggs invented it.) Because I’m not a Spycho-therapist and don’t have to pretend not to be who I am, I’m including my picture so that you really can see I’m real.

This Blogg is supposed to be about Writing. I don’t know very much about Writing, though I am learning. What I do know is that a Writer may think something they have written is very good and ought to be Published, and an Agent or a Publisher probably won’t think the same. I don’t know who is right, but it’s up to the Agent or Publisher to decide whether the Book gets Published. Which is very hard for the Writer, who usually doesn’t like being told to take their Book away again. In fact they get quite upset sometimes, on account of having spent so much time writing all those thousands of words and thinking how beautiful they are. Even if not all the words are different from each other, the Writer still has to put them in the right order and know which aren’t supposed to be there, which is the hardest bit. If it’s a Novel there has to be something called a Plot, which is sort of like a story except that it makes all the different parts fit together. I’m not sure how it’s done. I don’t think it has to be about Gunpowder, but maybe that helps.

It would be nice if a lot more of the Books that people have written could get Published, but I suppose then we would run out of trees and all the shops would get filled up. Where we live there is a soap shop that used to be a Book shop, so perhaps some people have taken to writing on soap instead of paper. Or is it that they actually write soap? On the Tele-Vision there are different kinds of Soap, but they don’t always smell very good and not everybody in them seems to wash very much. A lot of people watch these bars of Soap and some people think the Characters in them are real. I’ve never found out if they are. They look like real people to me, but it seems they are only made of Tele-Vision.

Personally I don’t read very many Books, though I do like finding out Information. Wicked-pedia is very good for that and so is Gurgle, which everybody uses. I believe there are several Engines that people have inside their Computers that will look things up for you, but I’ve never actually seen one. I don’t think they are Steam Engines, as that probably wouldn’t do the Computer any good, and anyway they go much faster than Steam Engines. I think there is one called Hooray, or something like that. Gurgle is one as well, with lots of maps and pictures of people’s Houses, in case you want to find out where you live. You can find pictures of everything on the Inter-Net, and you can also go Surfing on it. I haven’t come across an Inter-Net Surf Board yet, but I’m sure that if you looked it up you would find somebody who sells them. There is a place called Amazon which sells almost anything on the Inter-Net, but as far as I know it’s a long way away and they have to send everything down the River by post. It’s remarkable that nothing seems to get wet, isn’t it?

I think I had better stop now as I do tend to go on a bit. It’s lovely writing a Blogg because it helps you to make sense of things. I’ve shared a lot of Information today, and I do hope some of it will be useful.

I look forward to talking to you again.

With love from

Adelina xx


About thebelatedwriter

I'm a baby boomer who has always wanted and tried to write. It was only when I did an MA in Creative Writing in 2010-11 that I dared to take my writing more seriously. I write both poetry and prose and have had a number of poems published. This blog is for my writing friends, my non-writing friends, and anyone else who may be interested in these ruminations.
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